My Porsche 944 S2 – Project Log – Introduction

About a month ago I purchased a 944 S2 mainly as a weekend toy to use alongside my GT6 but also as a car that I could use everyday when I wanted a change from my Abarth. It took months of searching (4 to be exact) to find this car. I wasn’t set on an S2 when I started my search as I was open to any of the models. I “test drove” a ’86 turbo for 500m and then the gearbox gave up and saw some others but they were all in quite bad condition despite the pictures looking good on the adverts (there is a lot of rubbish out there). After travelling over most of the south of England most weekends over 4 months this one came up for sale 5 miles down the road from where I live (bloody typical). I snapped it up straight away as one this good, for the price I paid for it, doesn’t stay around long.

The car is a standard 944 S2 with a couple of options (Extended cloth seats, upgraded stereo which has been taken out I think) and 127k on the clock. It also still has its original tool kit, tyre compressor and spare wheel which are quite hard to come by.



It is even has a tape deck 😀


Needless to say as with most 23 year old cars there are a couple of things that need sorting on it but it is a very, very good base from which to start from. The car is solid with no rust on the sills and all of the paint looks original (apart from the sunroof which has been repainted). There are 23 years worth of chips on it but it cleans up well.

The car does seem to have a hot start issue. I’ll drive the car for 30 mins and stop off somewhere, come back to it 2 hours later and it wont start first time. I have changed the DME relay but this had no effect so I suspect it may be some sort of thermostat issue as it was running a little hot today (first nice day of the year). So this is something I’ll have to look into. I have also purchased a box of goodies which includes:

  • A new accelerator cable clip
  • Rear boot hatch seal
  • Real lock seal
  • A book of specs (Threads and torques of certain bolts nuts etc…)
  • Touch up paint
  • Some new front bulbs


I’ll try and keep this thread up to date with the latest work on the car