My Porsche 944 S2 – The Journey Begins

Time for an update I think 🙂

I’ve had the 944 for around 10 months now and covered about 3200 miles in it. It’s running really well and it is feeling like it is getting better the more I use it, probably because it is actually being used on a regular basis. I have been really surprised at just how usable the car is day to day. Its ride is fantastic for a sport car and the balance it has round corners really makes it an enjoyable drive when pushing on. While I not really concerned about the fuel consumption it has been returning me a solid 28 mpg which I was quite happy about considering how old the car was. However, filling up can be painful on the wallet as it has a 85 liter fuel tank :P.

I managed to find out what the “hot start” issue was. Turns out it is nothing mechanical or to with the engine. Its the old alarm/immobiliser system. I think there is some kind of earth on in the drivers side door as the car will start without fail if the drivers side door is left open. I’ll get it looked into at some point as it would be nice to keep the original alarm system on it. But for the time being it’s not too much of a hassle to leave the door open when starting the car.

Replacing the rear seal on the glass hatch has stopped the squeaks coming from that area. I’ve also had the sides and rear of the car resprayed as there was some small areas of rust forming in sill end of the arches (This can be seen in the last picture in the OP). This also had the bonus of clearing up 23 years of car park chips down each side of the car so it looks awesome now. All in the repaint cost £900 from a local body shop which I thought wasn’t too bad.

The next job on the car is to get some new tyres for it and get a full suspension geometry done. While it handles great now, this will hopefully sharpen everything up so it is as good as it can be. The other thing that I have been meaning to do is to fix the digital clock in the dash. These always break on the 944 and 968 but they cost £300 new from Porsche. Needles to say I wasn’t paying that so I’ve got a kit from eBay to fix it for £40. Hopefully it wont be a fiddly job :p.

One of the other things that was bothering about having an older car was the lack of Bluetooth in it. I didn’t really want the replace the stereo as it looks quite cool so I managed to find a Bluetooth cassette adapter. This allows me to take phone call hands free and also stream music from my phone through the car speakers.


However, to get the full 80’s experience I also had to purchase some old cassettes 😀


Here is how the car is looking now:







Selecting from a # temporary table via a stored procedure into an XSD table adapter

When making complex stored procedures it is sometimes necessary to aggregate your results into a temporary table before you do your final select. This approach will work fine until you try to add this stored procedure to an XSD table adapter. Doing this will normally result in the following error message

Generated SELECT statement. Invalid object name ‘#temptable’

This error makes sense as visual studio will not be able to get a definition for the table to hard-wire up the table adapter.

However, if you add the following code to the very top of your stored procedure it will work.

I have no idea why this work but it does. If you know why it works I would be very interested to know why in the comments below.

Hello world!

For a while now I have entertained the thought of doing a blog. I had previously not considered doing one as I wasn’t sure I would get anything out of it. However, after some thought I figured that, in a kind of selfish way, it would help me organise my thoughts and ideas on some subjects that I hold dear to me.

So here I am, sitting here at my computer typing this out with the world of blogging laid out before me. Hopefully this wave of confidence that has got me this far does not fade and leads me to write some interesting articles :).